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Personal Training

I believe that personalized training is key to success. That's why I will take the time to understand your unique needs, goals, and limitations. Whether you want to lose weight, build strength, improve endurance, or enhance overall well-being, I will design a customized training program tailored specifically for you.

With a focus on functional movements, resistance training, cardiovascular exercises, and flexibility work, we will build a well-rounded routine that challenges you while keeping you motivated and engaged. I will provide clear instructions, demonstrate proper form, and offer constant feedback to ensure you perform exercises correctly and safely.


But my role as your personal trainer doesn't stop at the gym. I will be your coach, your cheerleader, and your accountability partner. I'll provide ongoing support, offer nutritional guidance, and share tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of our sessions. Together, we'll create sustainable habits that will lead to long-term success.

I understand that everyone's fitness journey is unique, and I will adapt my approach to suit your preferences and comfort level. Whether you thrive in one-on-one sessions or even enjoy virtual workouts, I will accommodate your needs and provide a positive and inclusive environment.


Lillian L.

"Rose was the catalyst for me finally starting on a fitness journey, which ultimately changed my life. I started out feeling weak, lazy, and disconnected from my body. Right away she saw my fullest potential. She helped me see that change was possible, and that working out could be fun and satisfying. 


As I embarked on the fitness journey with Rose at my side I began to experience myself as strong and fit and physically capable. I even ran a half marathon! Rose always inspired me and helped me develop confidence in myself and this has impacted my life in general in so many valuable ways."

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