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About Me

Hi! I'm Rose Harari, a certified Life Coach- Liberating women from the imposed limitations from thier upbringing so they can live thier true potential.

I was inspired to become a life coach because of my own personal development journey. I grew up in a restricted religious community where many traditions and ideals were programmed from a very young age. When I reached adulthood, I realized that some of these traditions were not aligned with me. I spent years in anxiety and depression feeling like I need to live a certain way for others, but there was always this voice that told me there was more out there for me. 

 Over the past 10 years, I've had meaningful relationships end and experienced many job losses, which led to an abundance of unhealthy habits, anxiety,  and a lingering feeling of "stuckness."  Eager to navigate life's challenges in a healthier and more productive way, rather than repeat bad habits, I began working with coaches who have helped me gain tools to handle anxiety when it arises, as well as overcome the roadblocks that made me feel me stuck.  Coaching has been instrumental in my personal growth, but coupled with body movement and spirituality helped me find solace and realize my strength,  both mentally and physically.

Once I realized the universe was co creating with me, I began my journey to manifesting a life I desire, full of amazing loving connections, dream clients, abundance and so much more. 

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